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Chatterbox Newsletter

The Chatterbox newsletter is published quarterly by the Healthy Ageing Network and distributed throughout Maroondah. We are always looking for new contributions to the newsletter and in particular profiles of any new groups joining the network.

Past editions of the newsletter are available below. It is in PDF format and there are two versions. The Print format is designed to be printed double sided on A4 paper and folded into an A5 booklet. The Electronic format is designed to be viewed one page at a time on screen.

Past Editions

Summer 2017    Electronic               Print

Spring 2017       Electronic               Print

Winter 2017       Electronic               Print

Autumn 2017      Electronic               Print

Spring 2016        Electronic               Print

Winter 2016       Electronic                Print

Autumn 2016      Electronic                Print

Summer 2015     Electronic                Print

Spring 2015        Electronic                Print

Winter 2015        Electronic                Print

Autumn 2015       Electronic               Print

Summer 2014      Electronic               Print

Spring 2014         Electronic               Print

Winter 2014         Electronic               Print

Autumn 2014       Electronic               Print      

Summer 2013       Electronic              Print

Spring 2013          Electronic              Print

Winter 2013          Electronic              Print

Autumn 2013        Electronic              Print   

Summer 2012        Electronic              Print

Spring 2012           Electronic              Print

Winter 2012            Electronic             Print

Autumn 2012          Electronic             Print

Summer 2011          Electronic            Print

Spring 2011             Electronic            Print

Winter 2011             Electronic            Print

Autumn 2011           Electronic            Print  

Spring 2010             Electronic            Print

Winter 2010                                         Print

Autumn 2010                                       Print

Summer 2009                                      Print